Suriname: President, first lady and son Santokhi receive death threats

“Chan a ne mek from if na 20 watchman I abi, mo kir yu mars nanga yu wife plus yu boy”, is one of the threats made against President Chan Santokhi, first lady Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry and the son from the president, Richano Santokhi. Viren Ghisiawan made these threats on his Facebook page.

Under this profile name, he has threatened not only the presidential couple, but also Nickerie’s VHP assembly member, Harriet Ramdien.

Alven Roosveld, coordinator of the Communication Unit of the Cabinet of the President, informs Suriname Herald that this Facebook post has been taken note of. The post is being looked at more closely, says Roosveld.

Ghisiawan has accused President Santokhi of making fun of the people. According to Ghisiawan, he would also have concluded drug deals. The post points out to the president that people slept for him in the Anthony Nesty Sports Hall after the May 25 elections, but notes that now the president is pinching the people.

It is also mentioned that people fought for Chan. He advises the president to walk away if he is unable to turn the country. “Viren tak ing mi ne freed ka”, the person clearly states.


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