NYC: Daredevil scales Queensboro Bridge, live-streams stand-off with cops

A daredevil scaled the Queensboro Bridge during rush hour Thursday, perching over the skyline for nearly an hour and drawing a massive police response — while live-streaming the whole thing on YouTube.

The thrill-seeker, streaming under the handle Smooth Sanchez IRL, started scaling the span’s upper level around 4:42 p.m., according to the NYPD.

As traffic slowed to a crawl and highly trained Emergency Service Unit cops gathered on the roadway below, the man narrated the surreal scene and communicated with viewers, many of whom tipped small amounts of money along with personalized messages read by an automated voice — several of them racist or otherwise offensive in nature.

“I was just doing this for fun,” he said at one point as cops were preparing to come up to get him. “My comedy is edgy, and I just wanted to get a better view.


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