Nigerian Protesters Are ‘Liberating’ Prisons As Police Respond With Live Fire

Unrest and violence are continuing to escalate in the Nigerian capital of Lagos after at least two weeks of angry street demonstrations calling for the abolishment of the elite police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, known as SARS, over allegations they torture and abuse citizens – resulting in live fire being used against protesters this week.

It appears there’s an attempt at a mass prison break underway Thursday, as detailed by AFP

Shots rang out and a prison was set ablaze as fresh unrest rocked Nigeria’s biggest city Lagos on Thursday after the shooting of protesters that drew international outrage. 

Gunfire was heard and smoke could be seen billowing from the detention facility in the upscale Ikoyi neighbourhood in central Lagos, an AFP journalist said.

Police said assailants had attacked the site on the second day of violence in the city of 20 million people after a brutal crackdown by security forces on demonstrations.

Anti-police demonstrations have raged since Oct.8 across various cities, resulting in the deaths of 56 people and injuring of hundreds more. 

Beginning Tuesday there were international reports that Nigerian soldiers, who have since imposed a blanket security curfew over Lagos and other places, have begun firing on protesters. Amnesty International said 12 protesters were gunned down early this week, allegedly by state security forces.


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