If you’re a woman or person of color in Hollywood, there’s bad news about the TV industry

In the last year, women and people of color in the television industry have made strides on camera, but they still have a ways to go behind it.

The 2020 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report, released this morning, finds that just 8% of studio chairs and CEOs are people of color and 32% are women.

Further down the food chain is no better, with people of color making up only about one-quarter of credited writers in broadcast, cable, and digital and just under 22% of episodes could claim a POC as director in 2018-2019.

Another problem area with a diversity is show creators. Minority representation was 10.3% in digital, 10.7% in cable, and 14.7% in cable, while women were 28.6%, 28.1%, and 22.4%, respectively.


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