Jamaica: Life’s a tech beach

KirkAnthony Hamilton has gone beyond the dream of creating a Silicon Valley in the Caribbean. Hamilton is an architectural designer turned entrepreneur, investor, community curator and co-founder of Infiniti Partnership Inc, TechBeach Retreat, The Destination Experience and the Visionaries’ Summit. He is on a mission to build a new global business ecosystem for the Caribbean with platforms designed to drive investment, technology, influence and big media to the region to catalyse innovation, new enterprise and wealth creation opportunities.

But he is not alone in this mission. He is joined by Kyle Maloney, a self-described entrepreneur, motivated by new challenges and inspiring people to go beyond any boundaries they may have set for themselves. “I’m passionate about building tech start-ups and catalysing their growth through digital sales and marketing,” says Maloney.

Their firm which could put up a shingle bearing the words Hamilton, Maloney and Associates, brought together a family of like minds who are determined to show that the Caribbean can be transformed and regarded as world leaders in the technology sphere. The originators of TechBeach Retreat (TBR) have provided a nexus for the global tech ecosystem to connect the best companies and minds in the world with undiscovered talent and opportunities, for a more inclusive future.


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