Trinidad & Tobago: Automotive Dealers’ Assoc. pleased with extension

The Trinidad and Tobago Automotive Dealers’ Association (TTADA) said it is pleased with government’s decision to postpone the removal of tax breaks on imported private vehicles until the end of the year. 

Speaking with Loop News, TTADA president Visham Babwah said they are happy with the measure and said they have submitted several recommendations to the Minister of Trade, Paula Gopee-Scoon, which they hope will be taken into consideration:

‘The executive and members of TTADA are very happy with the news, that the date has been pushed back, as that was the original date that we purchased cars under [as per legislation].’

‘We’re extremely happy and we would like to thank the Prime Minister and the Minister of Trade and Industry who we have been in contact with. We are happy for their timely intervention in this matter. If they had not intervened this would have been very disastrous for car dealers and the customers who paid for their cars.’


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