Suriname: CLO member unions start investigation into financial status CLO

The Collective of Member Unions at the Central Government Service Organizations (CLO), headed by Michael Miskin, will soon start an investigation into the financial status of the CLO. This is because of the many uncertainties about the finances of the organization.

Matters related to the status of the CLO buildings and sites will also be investigated. These assignments were given through a motion submitted by the Members’ Council.

Another motion asks that the chairman of the CLO, Ronald Hooghart, be impeached. Both motions were passed and handed over to Miskin at a meeting of the Collective held in the KOB building.

Executive member Eugène Daniël indicates that they have acted in accordance with the statute. “We are already approaching December and there is a procedure that has to be set out for the election. Candidate lists must be submitted and we must prepare. We can no longer accept the actions of the High Heart ”, Daniel quotes.

Miskin says that the removal of the chairman will be further addressed in court if he does not comply with statutory acts committed by the Collective. The split will be fought in court to call for board elections.


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