Peter Tosh’s Heroes Day Birthday A ‘National Mystic’ – Call For Steppin Razor To Be Made National Hero

The fact that National Heroes Day 2020 falls on the same day as the birthday of reggae legend Peter Tosh is a coincidence which is certainly not lost on those in his inner circle, and they have translated that into a call for the ‘Steppin Razor’’s status to be upgraded to that of national hero. Tosh, who was awarded an Order of Merit by the Jamaican Government in 2012, would have turned 76 today.

Dr Michael Barnett, senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Psychology and Social Work, TheUniversity of the West Indies, Mona campus, is among those making this clarion call. “This year (2020) with Peter Tosh’s ‘earthday’ falling on National Heroes Day, it is something of a national mystic. I, along with others within the Peter Tosh Earthday Celebration Committee, feel that Peter Tosh, who presently holds the Order of Merit, should be considered for an upgrade to national hero status,” Barnett shared with The Gleaner. “I say this on the basis that Peter Tosh, along with others such as Bob Marley and Miss Lou), actually meets the criteria for national hero status.”

This echoes calls for reggae king Bob Marley to be made a national hero, but they have so far fallen on deaf ears. Barnett is seriously hoping that the authorities will contemplate putting the Tosh motion into action.


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