Here’s what’s in Mitch McConnell’s stimulus plan (no mention of $1,200 checks)

After promising to take up a stimulus bill for coronavirus relief this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell outlined what his striped-down plan would include in a press release on Saturday. The Senate is expected to vote on the proposal on Wednesday. Here’s what McConnell says it will include:

  • “More federally-expanded unemployment benefits for laid-off Americans”
  • “An entire second round of the Paycheck Protection Program to save workers’ jobs at the hardest-hit small businesses”
  • “$100B+ to make schools safe for kids”
  • “More testing”
  • “More tracing”
  • “More funding for Operation Warp Speed to produce a vaccine”
  • “More funding to distribute that vaccine across the country”

Noticeably absent from the list? Additional aid for state and local governments and direct payments to Americans in the form of $1,200 stimulus checks. At $500 billion, McConnell’s plan is not even one-third the size of latest $1.8 trillion proposal from the White House—a deal some prominent Democrats, including Representative Ro Khanna of California—have urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take.


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