Cuba: Cuba’s Command & Control Model

HAVANA TIMES – Very few people know that everything people see in Cuba first passes through the Communist Party’s Ideological Department’s filter. Nothing is shown or published without first being analyzed or getting the green light from this body.

For example, many people praise Panfilo’s spontaneous criticism about the country on Cuban TV show: Vivir del Cuento. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything Panfilo says has already been checked over and censored by the Party before it is broadcast on national TV.

Furthermore, spontaneity and independence don’t exist in Cuba, only Command and Control.

Command and Control oversees everything in the country. No action is taken in the economy, education or health sector without the Communist Party’s judgement.

From selecting our movies to educational curriculum

The Cuban Communist Party (PCC) tells us which movies can and can’t be seen. Additionally, it tells us which subjects can and can’t be taught in schools. What’s more, the Party tells the Cuban people how to be happy and teaches them ways to be happy.


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