Blain: Time To Sell Some Tech

“Tell him I’ve just worked out a completely new strategy. It’s called running away.”

Not a lot to cheer in markets this week as politics and Covid dominate the stage. The slide in European stocks highlights increasing concerns for what look likely to become a double dip Virus hit. Rising US job claims suggest it’s also going to suffer a second pandemic knockback. On the other hand, companies are still making money, the global economy pootles along and investors will see dividends from sectors having a “good pandemic” remain strong. The world is divided into winner and losers: the Occident vs Orient, Tech and Services vs Hospitality, Property and Travel. 

Interesting comment from Goldman which says it’s time to buy value stocks and sell some Tech. They say is due to some mumbo-jumbo about three-four month trading patterns they observed back in the last crisis regarding reversals into cyclical shorts, but to be honest life is literally too short to read analyst’s turgid prose. I suspect most bank research is written to please compliance officers, and approved by committees to make sure no one is offended.


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