Barbados: Thieves stealing thousands of dollars worth of stock from farmers

Promises of tougher measures to tackle the vexing issue of praedial larceny appear to be bearing no fruit for over half a dozen farmers at Pilgrim Place, Christ Church who have been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars at the hands of brazen thieves.

Livestock farmers Omar Smart and Jason Roberts are reporting losses of more than $30,000 in stock over the last five years that has all but crippled an over $50,000 investment in the small project. The situation however went from bad to worse since March as thieves continuously prey on their establishment prompting the two, along with other farmers in the area, to demand a thorough investigation from the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF).

“I would say I lost more than $30,000 in stock that included pigs, feed, chicken, and water feeders. These things cost money and they even took a working refrigerator from me,” Smart told Barbados TODAY.

“From March till now we lost 26 piglets, feed, nipples, security lights, medication for the pigs. In that period we lost about 60 chickens out of the 100 we raised.


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