The fitness industry will survive the pandemic, but it will look very different

COVID has been a humbling experience. The first thing we did was launch free Instagram workouts, which kept our community engaged. Then we launched a digital platform, which we built in 14 days using the Zoom platform. We had a moderator who filled in to give a front-desk experience and to shout-out people in the classes to help our instructors.

We’re investing heavily in digital and it will be a permanent part of our business going forward. We’re going to stop using Zoom and there will be a fully integrated social component, so you can see which classes your friends are taking. Our instructors will be able to call people out and help with their form: We don’t just want to stream; we want to be able to teach.

We have nine functioning studios today across the U.S., and we’ve had to navigate reopening in different locations with different rules and regulations. If you took class in Boston, you’d see plastic shields in between every treadmill. In D.C., we’re only allowed to have 10 people in the red room.


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