Suriname: Cabinet President: “No official appointment yet as general director”

No official appointment has yet been made to the position of general director in the Office of the President. It should be clear to society that First Lady Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry coordinates that role without pay. This against the background of her expertise and competences, the Cabinet of the President said in a statement.

On the basis of updated policy insights, the organization chart in the Office of the President has been redesigned. The role of Chief of Staff has changed from a militaristic to a more civilian designation, namely General Manager. In view of the increased workload, the first lady was relieved last month at her own request as vice-chair in the presidential Committee on Legal Status Review.

The restructuring of the organization chart and the description of the associated positions are currently being finalized. Actual appointments to all positions in the President’s Office will certainly take into account the sentiments of society.

The government derives its powers from the trust of society, so its promises are still standing. “We will save this country! We appreciate your critical attitude. ” Positions will be staffed and filled according to the following criteria: expertise, integrity, reliability and freedom from discrimination on the basis of education, religion, background, gender, political beliefs, social circumstances. This as the Constitution prescribes.


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