Suriname: Bus sector planning priority TCT minister

The Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism (TCT), Albert Jubithana, says in conversation with Suriname Herald that people are working with all their might to organize the bus sector. This ordering is one of the Minister’s priorities. Jubithana is working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to bring structure to this sector.

According to the minister, the IDB has been working on a study and a project plan for the organization of the bus sector since the previous government. The plan also includes the fact that a distinction is made between the rates and the payment of the subsidy. The bus drivers receive a subsidy from the government. It will also be examined which principle will be used to calculate the bus fares.

In addition to the IDB, talks are currently also being held ILACO. They want to continue this study. The Transport department is also involved in the implementation of this plan. “The transport sector has to be organized. What I have found is not beautiful. Everyone is shouting that transport must be organized, but nothing is done about it. My intention and objective is to go for a good approach resulting in a structural solution for this sector, ”says the minister.


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