Digi Vybz Records, Busy Signal Collaborate

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has teamed with London-based Digi Vybz Records for the song Juvie Slow Down.

The song, which is featured on the Life Too Sweet rhythm, is set for release digitally on October 23.

Producer David ‘Digital’ Larwood of Digi Vybz Records explained how the collaboration came about.

“Basically, it was quite straightforward. Once Busy heard the rhythm track, that made it much easier for us to collaborate. At the time I also suggested to him that we’re going to shoot a music video and he thought it was a great idea,” said Larwood. According to Busy Signal, the inspiration for the song came from the youths of today.

“It’s the way how the youths today are behaving. Some a dem just a rush. Whatever they are rushing, once they are alive it will come to them. So a dem likkle levels deh, and me can send the message through mi song, so the wise can listen and take heed. It’s just a natural positive message,” said Busy Signal.


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