Suriname: Minister Achaibersing: “Customs is an important tool for increasing income”

Customs is an important tool when it comes to increasing government revenues. Indirect taxes make up the bulk of this income. If the collection of import duties and excise duties is better regulated, then revenues will increase. This was hinted at Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance and Planning during an introductory visit that he paid to the customs force yesterday.

Ideas were exchanged about the ministry’s plans with the government’s tax workers. “It is important to get to know each other and to know how we think about certain matters, so that we align and do what we are appointed for,” said the minister.

He indicated that with the unification of the exchange rate, the customs rate will also increase. He also said that it should also be considered whether adjustments to the legal regulations are necessary to increase the income. The process for this must be further streamlined. For example, customs will have to be better facilitated in carrying out its activities.

Minister Achaibersing spoke of a range of measures that must be deployed so that the corps can do its work better. This must be done in accordance with the legal regulations, which can increase government revenues. “The government must get what is due to it,” emphasized the minister.


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