Is Trump or Biden Better for Cuba?

HAVANA TIMES – The US presidential election will soon take place on November 3rd. Foreign elections always make us Cubans a little bit jealous because the country hasn’t had democratic elections in 72 years.

A lot has happened in these seven decades, especially regarding the US. Our neighboring country went from being a world power with huge economic investments in Cuba, as well as great political influence, to become the home of almost 20% of our citizens. These Cubans in the US represent one of the most lucrative sources of income in the mediocre country that radical socialism turned us into, with remittances, “mules” and phone top-up cards.

To top things off, the US went from being an ally to our “enemy”, just 90 miles away. This happened first of all, because it lost its business on the island. Then it had to put up with us becoming a base for its greatest enemy, the Soviet Union. Moreover, because the Cuban Communist Party’s political opposition took refuge and has financial support in the US. Civil society organizations there monitor human rights violations on the island and push for democratic change.


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