Dominican Republic: Merchants: basic staples increased between 10 and 30%

The main products of agricultural origin and others in the family basket (basic staples) have increased in prices in recent days, several disproportionately, denounced merchants established in the Duarte Avenue market. In addition, they say they are concerned about the reduction in sales due to a lack of working capital.

These merchants belonging to the Association of Merchants Association in that end also explained that there is a shortage of some products, which has contributed to their increase in price.

According to Carlos Mercedes, the leader of that entity, among the products that have increased in prices lately, are rice, eggs, cod, beans, onion, bananas, potatoes, and other items in high demand.

This merchant and other interviewees agreed that price increases oscillate between 10, 20 percent and that in some cases up to 30 percent, which is associated with shortages.

In the case of eggs, the wholesale unit is being priced at four pesos and 50 cents, while it reaches the consumer at 6 and 7 pesos, depending on the quality and size, Mercedes explained.

He said that bananas and onions, in addition to being expensive, have been in short supply for days.


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