Jamaica: Trapped In Cycle Of Poverty – Family Relies On Charity To Eat; Lack Of Devices Keep Children Out Of School

At 45 years old, mother of nine and grandmother of 10, Susan Burke* finds herself begging on the streets of the capital city to provide for her household.

Up to March this year, the Trench Town resident had been working as a janitor but lost her job shortly after the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, surfaced on local shores.

“Since the COVID, dem tell me nuffi come back to work,” she told The Gleaner yesterday as she shared her plight. “Mi want likkle help. Mi nuh know how mi survive. It come in like mi turn pauper. Me never used to beg, but me all a beg $100 and $50.”

She explained that of the five fathers of her children, only the dad of her youngest child is still alive. The others fell victim to gun violence in the tough Kingston community.

The tentacles of COVID-19 economic crunch have also gripped the surviving dad, who has also lost his job and is unable to provide continuous support for his son.


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