Suriname: The number of robberies will increase towards December

A video that goes viral on social media shows some robbers breaking into a supermarket and attempting a robbery. Gretl Wolfram, chairman of the Winkeliers en Ondernemersvereniging Suriname (WOVS), indicates in conversation with Suriname Herald that it concerns a supermarket in the Frederikshoopweg in the resort Pontbuiten.

The robbers were unable to capture anything, because the shopkeepers managed to defend themselves. The store in question is currently keeping its doors closed. Wolfram says the number of robberies is expected to increase towards December, as many people today are not getting their paychecks out.

She also notes that retailers indicate that there are many shoplifting cases today. To prevent this, retailers will again switch to selling through the bars. This is often frustrating for many customers, as they prefer to go into the store to do their shopping themselves.

Wolfram says the WOVS is an organization with people who work pro bono. Everything they do, they do with their own resources. She indicates that there are many cases nowadays where retailers are attacked. So much so that it almost becomes too much for the organization.


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