Suriname: Daily crowds at CBB offices are worrying

The daily hustle and bustle at the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB) has to do with a number of issues such as new registrations at the various schools. CBB director Anastatia Kanapé-Pokie says she is looking for solutions to this situation.

She also explains that she wants to cooperate with the schools that ask for certain documents, in order to request the documents. Other reasons for the workload at the CBB are the daily registrations of births and the application for birth certificates.

Because of COVID-19, those present have to wait outside for the requested documents. “If we let people in, the danger is greater than waiting outside. If people are allowed in and an infection occurs, the office must be closed for two weeks and we don’t want that. That is why the rows outside the terrain are also formed ”, Kanapé-Pokie indicates.

She says measures have already been taken in some offices such as Latour, but given the shortage of resources, this cannot happen everywhere.


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