Killer Mike’s new digital bank aims to build wealth in Black and Latinx communities

Rapper Michael “Killer Mike” Render has long been an advocate for supporting Black-owned businesses and circulating money within Black-owned banks. Back in 2016, he spearheaded a call to action for financial empowerment that led to other influential rappers moving their money to Black-owned banks, with everyday citizens following suit in droves.

And now Render is taking his mission one step further with Greenwood, a mission-driven digital bank he’s cofounded alongside Andrew J. Young, civil rights activist and former Atlanta mayor, and Ryan Glover, the founder and president of Bounce TV.

Named after the historic neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was dubbed Black Wall Street in the early 1900s, Greenwood’s mission is to give equitable financial services to Black and Latinx communities while also giving back with charitable initiatives. Eventually, Render hopes Greenwood becomes a valuable addition to the money circulation within marginalized communities.


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