Suriname: President: Government also wants trade union participation in councils

The government is in favor of trade unions participating in Supervisory Boards and / or Boards of Directors. Agreements have already been made about this with various trade unions. President Chan Santokhi acknowledged at a government press conference that not all corporate statutes provide for this capability.

It is the case that Supervisory Boards or Boards of Directors are laid down by law, but the position of the trade union in these councils is not regulated. Where this may be the case, the government has decided that it must be decided at the General Meeting of Shareholders that the trade union should be given a place within the Supervisory Board or that the Executive Board decides this until the Articles of Association are amended.

According to President Santokhi, the government wants to give a certain recognition to union rights in this way. According to the head of state, employees are an important part of a company. They should therefore also have a place to work with the government to get the country out of the crisis. It is more important that the government wants to make all parastatal companies healthy and that the workers also play an important role through their representation on the councils.


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