Suriname: Koendjbiharie: “Financial payment SRD 500 is not enough”

Raising the financial payment from SRD 375 to SRD 500 is not enough to live on, Aniel Koendjbiharie of the Wan Okasi foundation tells Suriname Herald. Wan Okasi, who stands up for people with disabilities, yesterday submitted a petition to the National Assembly (DNA) to draw attention to this issue and this target group.

The petition was supported by Stichting Doven Belangen Suriname (Sudobe) and Stichting Down Syndroom Suriname. The registrar of DNA, Ruth de Windt, has received the petition. Koendjbiharie makes it clear that SRD 125 is not much, given that someone with a disability has much more costs than someone without a disability.

“Special transport is needed to transport a large part of the target group from one place to another. Unfortunately, public transport is not accessible to the target group, ”says Koendjbiharie. With the petition, the target group hopes that this issue will be discussed in DNA.

The expenses for someone with a disability vary, because the disability of such a person is decisive. Koendjbiharie explains that someone who is bedridden needs disposable diapers in addition to food and drink. In some cases, home care is involved. “If someone with a disability wants to have a healthy life, the costs are around SRD 4,000,” he explains.


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