Bahamas: CULTIVATE: Agriculture minister to lobby for local production of industrial hemp, CBD

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Michael Pintard said yesterday that he intends to lobby Cabinet to move forward with plans to cultivate industrial hemp and CBD in The Bahamas.

Pintard’s comments come amid longstanding public debate over the government’s plans to decriminalize cannabis in The Bahamas following more than two years of consultation and a preliminary report by the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana.

When asked about the matter during a press conference on his ministry’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pintard said the marijuana issue is under the purview of the prime minister and the commission.

He noted however that the opportunities for industrial hemp, a variety of cannabis sativa used for industrial uses of its derived products, and CBD, derived from the hemp plant, is non-controversial and advantageous.

“That is something that has massive potential,” Pintard said.

“We’ve had numerous meetings on it with investors, Bahamians and otherwise with respect to industrial hemp.


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