Suriname: Presidential committee to bring diaspora capital to Suriname

President Chan Santokhi today installed the Presidential Diaspora Capital and Diaspora Bank Commission. This seven-member committee is to investigate the possibilities of how to get diaspora capital for Suriname. After three months, an implementation plan will be presented stating how cooperation with the diaspora worldwide should be structured that will benefit Suriname.

“The committee is going to do a lot of research into ways of getting diaspora capital for the Republic of Suriname. Suriname already receives a lot of support in the field of capital and products from the diaspora in the Netherlands. We want a channel that better organizes and structures this. ” This is stated by committee chairman Henry Ori, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation. It is important to have a fund with the conditions under which it will function.

The committee will develop the diaspora bank for proper administration and cooperation with the diaspora community in the Netherlands and other countries. Ori further indicates that the diaspora bank is part of the policy to establish a diaspora institute. This institute will further focus on increasing the involvement of the diaspora scholars.

For the first pilot, there will be close cooperation with a committee of financial experts from the diaspora in the Netherlands to jointly describe procedures and instruments for faster capital opportunities and investments in Suriname, in a well-organized, transparent manner with correct rules.


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