Grenada: Company conducting EIA for Levera Project: Developer will consider all issues

The company conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Levera resort said the developers are very supportive of the extensive work that is being undertaken as part of the EIA, and they have given the assurance that all issues will be considered going forward.

“They are very much supportive of ensuring that the development is environmentally friendly,” said Edwards Niles of Niles and Associates, the company conducting the studies and assessment for the project.

The Grenada National Resort Project (Levera) is in close proximity to Grenada’s only RAMSAR site. In recent months, some have expressed concerns about the impact the project will have on the RAMSAR site, but Niles has given the assurance that the developers are committed to not engaging in any activity that will negatively affect the Levera wetland system, which comprises the large salt pond, a smaller pond to the south, and the beach. “In the proposals, I have seen nothing, so far, that will affect or be encroaching on these areas or affect the use or movement of this area by any member of the public,” he said. “Because it will be a negative step for them if they do something like that. They are very willing to cooperate, to work with the community taking on board all the issues.” Niles also disclosed that the developers have no involvement in or influence over, his company’s work.


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