Trinidad & Tobago: Autopsy to be done after body found floating near Cocorite

An autopsy is expected to be performed today on the body of 22-year-old Chris Dextron Anthony Durham, which was found in the waters near Cocorite on Tuesday.

Durham, of Dillon Street, Diego Martin, is suspected to have drowned.

Loop News was told that around 11.45 am on Tuesday, persons in the vicinity of Peakes’ Trading Home Store Ltd, Western Main Road, Cocorite, observed the body of a man floating in the waters some 50 feet from the shore.

The coast guard were notified, and the body was retrieved. The body was viewed by a distrcit medical officer and pronouncements were made.

A team of officers led y Sgt Nicome and Cpl Desuze, conducted inquiries, and it was revelaed that Durham was last seen alive at 12:30 pm on Monday.


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