This startup raised $50 million to put holograms in your next car

A little-known company called Envisics is getting a hand from major auto industry players as it tries to bring holographic displays to cars.

The startup is raising $50 million from Hyundai Mobis, General Motors Ventures, SAIC Motor, and Van Tuyl Companies. GM says it could use the technology in future electronic vehicles such as the Cadillac Lyriq, while Hyundai Mobis, a major automotive parts supplier, says it will work with Envisics to mass-produce augmented reality displays by 2025.

With holography, Envisics says it can render visuals that seem to appear in front of the car. This could be used to highlight pedestrians, stalled vehicles, or turn-by-turn directions as 3D overlays. It could also provide a bridge to self-driving cars, pointing out specific hazards that require human drivers to retake the wheel.

“We can paint that information directly on reality itself,” says Jamieson Christmas, Envisics’s founder and CEO.


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