Suriname: Union of the Homeless People’s Office discusses problems with Minister Ramadhin

The union of the Bureau of Homeless People (BDT) has held emergency consultations with the Minister of Health, Amar Ramadhin. This in response to a current issue that is taking place. This consultation took place yesterday at the Ministry of Health in the presence of Murwin Leeflang as an advisor.

The union informed the minister about the current personnel affairs of the BDT. It turned out that things promised to staff in the period April 2020 were never carried out.

The minister informed the union about the information available at the ministry. The conversation with the union showed that seven members of staff who are employed by the BDT have not yet received a salary.

Proposals have been made again and it has been decided to come up with a structural solution as soon as possible. This will of course be done on the basis of an inventory of the necessary documents, which will be supplied by BDT and the staff members.

A working visit by Ramadhin to the Homeless People’s Office is also on the agenda, during which the wish has been expressed that a clear organizational structure should be set up.


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