Suriname: Dissatisfaction among nurses with COVID-19 allowance

There is dissatisfaction among nurses about the COVID-19 allowance. In conversation with Suriname Herald, nurses indicate that the Ministry of Health has notified hospitals that, as of August 1, 2020, employees who have worked more than 16 days in the COVID-19 room are eligible for a COVID-19 grant.

The nurses believe that this is an unfair decision, coming from the Ministry of Health. They are of the opinion that not only employees who work in the COVID-19 room come into contact with COVID-19 patients. It is indicated that when COVID-19 patients come in, they first end up in the internal department. They spend a few days here before they are told by the employees that such a person has tested positive for COVID-19.

Then the person is transferred to the COVID-19 room. “It has happened more often that colleagues of mine have become infected in the internal ward,” says a nurse.

She further indicates that people who do not work in the COVID-19 room are also at great risk because they treat the patients unprotected. “In the COVID-19 room, people wear special clothing and are well protected. We only wear a mouth cap ”. They believe that they are therefore also entitled to the allowance.


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