NYC: Screwdriver-wielding robber punches cashier, takes $9K from NYC bagel shop

A screwdriver-wielding bandit was caught on camera punching the cashier of a Staten Island bagel store before robbing the shop as he stood over his motionless body.

The suspect, seen wearing a black sweatshirt with its hood pulled over his head, sucker-punched the 61-year-old cashier in the head at Hot Bagels in Greenridge, at 3:30 a.m. last Tuesday, according to police.

Wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask, the suspect then started removing property from a cabinet, police said.

At one point a second employee emerged from the back of the store to confront the thief. The suspect then whipped out a screwdriver, punched the employee in the arm and demanded he open the cash register.

The robber then stood over the first victim, who was sprawled out on the floor, as he stuffed about $8,800 in a plastic bag before fleeing.


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