Jamaica: Virgin Atlantic Is Back! – Airline Returns To Jamaica With Aircraft Equipped With Electrostatic Fogging System

As Virgin Atlantic returns to Jamaica, passengers are protected with high-performance pepper filters capable of filtering viruses, says the airline’s local airport manager, Eaton Hubbard.

The British carrier, which landed a brand new Dreamliner Boeing 787-900 aircraft at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay last Friday, with 192 passengers and 10 crew members, is equipped with an electrostatic fogging system that recycles air every few minutes, revealed Hubbard.

This is the carrier’s first commercial flight bringing tourists and Jamaicans from London Heathrow in the United Kingdom to Montego Bay, since Jamaica closed its borders in March as a result of coronavirus, which decimated the aviation industry, grounding several planes and taking millions of jobs in its path.

Although there remains uncertainty in the market, Virgin has designed the aircraft to protect passengers from contracting the virus. “Air on the aircraft flows from ceiling to the floor, ensuring safety in the cabin,” Hubbard explained.


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