Trinidad & Tobago: PM: Public sector hiring freeze can be eased in special circumstances

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says that the hiring freeze imposed on the public sector from today, could be revisited for emergent circumstances. 

Speaking at the opening for the Diego Martin Health Centre, Dr Rowley said he knows that there are certain vacancies that will arise which will require a fast response. 

“You would have heard the Minister of Finance say yesterday that because of the strained circumstances, one of the decisions that we’ve taken is that we will freeze vacant posts in the system. 

“As Prime Minister, I have no doubt that the next cabinet note I will see is one that will be a pleading with the Cabinet to vary that position so that we can hire this very important person in the health system because we don’t make these decisions capriciously,” he said. 

Explaining that the COVID-19 pandemic has bolstered Trinidad and Tobago’s needs in the health care sector, the Prime Minister said it’s understandable that emergent situations that can’t be left untended.


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