Suriname: Villagers Ovia Olo barricade away for Haukes

Residents of the village of Ovia Olo, located in the Marowijne district, have barricaded the road to the village. The Haukes Aannemings- en Transportbedrijf NV, which is engaged in excavation work in the village, has not adhered to agreements made, according to residents.

According to the residents, the company would build two mooring jetties and a playground and set up a guest building by agreement. Haukes would also buy a bus to maintain the road, but none of that has been seen so far. Instead, the management ceded an amount of SRD 30,000 to a captain. “We don’t want that money, they have to keep their agreements,” the villagers say in conversation with Suriname Herald.

The villagers indicate that they have been threatened by the management of the company. They therefore blocked the way to the sand pit. They say the police and military would be brought in by Haukes.


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