Suriname: Request for release of Van Trikt and Angnoe rejected

Judge Maytrie Kuldipsingh has rejected the request to release the ex-governor of the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS), Robert van Trikt and his business partner Ashween Angnoe. According to the judge, the serious objections, including embezzlement and money laundering against Van Trikt and Angnoe, are still standing.

Irvin Kanhai, Benito Pick and John Kraag, lawyers for Van Trikt and Angnoe, had applied for release. Yesterday Van Trikt was interrogated. The case has been postponed to November 26.

The ex-governor indicated during his interrogation that when he took office he had proposed the then Minister of Finance, Gillmore Hoefdraad, to accompany him. Hoefdraad had five years of experience as governor of the parent bank. According to Van Trikt, there was no clear job description on how to fulfill the function of governor of the CBvS and the aspects related to monetary financing were unknown to him.

Van Trikt was presented with the various official reports that had been made. He was also confronted by the court with the fact that the CBvS has lent an amount of SRD 2.2 billion to the state. No certainty of this has been given by the state for reimbursement. Van Trikt explained that the royalties from multinational Iamgold have been given as security for this. According to him, this is contained in a resolution.


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