Jamaica: Almost Marooned, Llandewey Residents Appeal For New Bridge

Residents of Llandewey, Font Hill and Georgia in St Thomas are appealing for urgent repairs to a bridge in the area out of fears of being marooned as recent rains have damaged or inundated alternative routes.

The bridge has been in need of repair for quite a while, Llandewey Councillor Edwin Marr told The Gleaner.

He said that he has been constantly lodging reports in the St Thomas Municipal Corporation about the dilapidated state of the Llandewey bridge, which he said was built in the 1940s, but nothing has been done.

“The authorities promised me every single year they would undertake remedial work on the bridge and until today, none of the authorities have paid us a visit,” Marr told The Gleaner yesterday.

The situation was made worse last week when a wheel on a truck filled with aggregate from a nearby quarry became stuck in a hole in the bridge. Residents said they used a backhoe to pull the unit from the badly damaged bridge, which can now only accommodate pedestrian traffic.


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