Grenada: Plan by returning nationals from red zone to trick system busted

Health and tourism authorities placed a number of people from New York in government quarantine facilities last Saturday. A plan to trick the arrivals health protocol system was busted after they confessed that they had no intention to comply with the mandatory 4-day quarantine for red zone passengers.

Last week government announced through its official Covid-19 website that the quarantine period for red zone passengers would be reduced to 4 days. Returning nationals from a red zone will have the opportunity to be quarantined at home, but it must be applied for at least 7 days in advance. Once an application is made, a team from the Ministry of Health will inspect the place/site to confirm it is in compliance with all the criteria for home quarantine.

“What we have found is that a number of persons will do the booking. They will make some booking and get some confirmation that they have made a booking, but they hadn’t paid and then they arrive here and say I want to go home to my facility. We only did it because you asked us to,” Tourism Minister, Clarice Modeste, said during the weekly post-cabinet briefing on Tuesday.


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