This is why you’re always late—and it’s not your fault

Confession: I have a tendency to be late . . . but only to certain things. For example, I rarely am late on a deadline or to an interview. I like to be exactly on time and not one minute sooner. However, I’m almost always late to a party, meeting, or appointment.

Since I write about productivity, organization, and time management, this might seem absurd. And the truth is, I feel bad when I’m late. But after reading Grace Pacie’s book Late! A Timebender’s Guide to Why We Are Late and How We Can Change, I learned that I’m not inconsiderate or a slacker; I’m what she calls a “Timebender.”

“Research shows that 20% of the population finds it hard to be punctual,” says Pacie, who also identifies as a Timebender. “Time seems to work differently for us. We bend time; sometimes it stretches and sometimes it shrinks.”


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