Dominican Republic: European Union donates RD $ 725 million to the country as budget support

The European Union donated RD $ 725 million (US $12,500,000) to the Dominican Republic for the national budget to support the productive sectors.

This cooperation is non-refundable. According to the head of the European Union delegation in the country, Gianluca Grippa, the aid is given to establish better public policies and accompany reforms such as public finance management, education, and training. Technical-professional.

Grippa added that inequalities are still latent in the Dominican Republic and that in this situation of global crisis due to COVID-19, they will increase.

The Minister of Economic, Miguel Ceara Hatton, recognized the European Union’s spirit with the Caribbean countries.

The Minister of Public Administration, Dario Castillo, expressed that the crisis caused by COVID-19 will be reflected from 2021 until almost 2024, asking the European Union ambassador to support more donations to the Dominican Republic in the coming years.


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