Suriname: Bus and boat owners take NVB to court

The supervisory board (RvC) at the National Transport Company (NVB) has maintained all new contracts concluded with bus and boat owners. On September 28, chairman of the supervisory board Fariyal Renfurm made this announcement to the bus and boat owners. Suriname Herald managed to get his hands on the writing.

The letter states that the Supervisory Board of NVB considers this decision necessary because it fits within the evaluation of matters currently taking place in the company. Within seven days of the date, the bus and boat owners must indicate that they have received the letter if they wish to continue doing business with the company.

Suriname Herald learns from a bus keeper, who does not want to be named, that from Monday bus and boat owners with old contracts that were not renewed by the previous government, will maintain the routes. These bus and boat owners received their contracts from ABOP in 2015, when they were still part of the first Bouterse government.

The contracts are entered into for a period of five years. “This is just sad. We have invested in buses and boats. Now our contracts are being withdrawn. Who is going to pay the costs. This is terrible and an obvious form of regulation. They are now going to give the contracts to the ABOPers, ”says the bus keeper.


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