Suriname: Home Affairs officials flock to government building

Civil servants have flocked to the government building in large numbers today to ask for clarity about their position with the government. They have indicated in a petition that they have not been paid by the government in recent months.

Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, who received the petition and listened to the people, has promised to tackle this problem as soon as possible. He told them to talk to the president and come back to the group representation.

Brunswijk did not consider it justified that so many people were together since the COVID-19 measures are still in force. The people are not satisfied with the actions of the Minister of the Interior. In the petition, the campaigners also ask for attention to the manner of communication between the minister and the staff.

Brunswick said he will also raise the issue in the meeting of the Council of Ministers, which is now underway. He has indicated that he is Vice President of the entire country and is willing to listen to every group in society when he is called upon. “I will always listen to anyone. When there are problems, we have to hear and solve the problems, ”said the vice president.


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