Suriname: Budget deficit 20 percent puts heavy pressure; implement plans in phases

The annual speech was, as usual, a summary of the government’s desires and in many ways a copy of the previous annual speech. In this case a representation of a number of sensible intentions, but also unnecessary nonsensical accusations and accusations, says NDP assembly member Melvin Bouva.

According to Bouva, at a solemn moment of an annual speech, it has not happened that the head of state has brought such an explicit division between supporters and ‘opponents’, as he did in his last paragraph. “An annual speech should invite society to collaborate, regardless of their origin or position. Unfortunately, the president misses the point with the constant accusations, ”the representative says.

Diversification of the economy
The annual speech also exudes a spirit of a number of measures that the president wants to take for more income in order to bring the economy back into balance. The government’s plans to invest in production, exports and tourism in particular deserve support, Bouva says. As one of the carriers of the Tourism Act and the plan, which are already drafted, further work will have to be done on this in the coming period. Also the further stimulation of the agricultural sector and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through, among other things, the enterprise fund. “In addition to the central mining sector, we will mainly get the resources from here,” says the politician.


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