Suriname: President: SRD 710 million for support of the weakest

The government does not ignore the needs of the people. Especially the very weak will receive the necessary support in this period of the economic crisis facing Suriname. “On an annual basis we have allocated more than SRD 710 million for this, let me say it again, more than SRD 710 million. About SRD 210 million more than foreseen ”. This is what President Chan Santokhi said during his first annual speech in an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly.

The president says the following measures have been taken:
– As of November 1, 2020, the General Old Age Pensions Provision (AOV) will be increased from SRD 525 to SRD 750 per month.
– With immediate effect, the General Child Benefit (AKB) will be increased from SRD 50 to SRD 75 per month per child.
– The financial assistance will also be increased from SRD 375 per month to SRD 500 per month as of November 1, 2020.
– My government allocates SRD 200 million per year for the food parcels.

Because there is no money, the government can no longer subsidize everything and everyone. Subsidies are therefore going to change, with the higher incomes having to pay the real price while the weak families are still supported. This applies to electricity, drinking water, cooking gas and public transport, said President Santokhi.

Until the introduction of value added tax (VAT), the tax credit of SRD 750 per month will be continued. This will be accompanied by a government campaign to encourage people to use water and electricity more efficiently. “If we all deal with this more consciously, it will reduce our water and electricity bills,” says the head of state.


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