Jamaica: Who Was ‘Bunwaist’? – Residents Recount Evil Past Of Alleged Community Terrorist

Before his death, not many residents would openly speak of 28-year-old Shavaughn ‘Bunwaist’ Johnson, but since his demise, they recall that as early as his teenage years, his “evil tendencies” were exhibited.

And as such, according to those with knowledge of the incident last Friday in which police Constable Kemar Francis, 27, was shot to death, there was not much hope for the unsuspecting lawman and his sole partner to defend themselves, having responded to a call of loud music in the face of known cruelty.

Johnson was cut down by said police mere hours after celebrating his 28th birthday and moments after he, being part of an alleged group, shot and killed Constable Francis.

“Him cruel. Him is a evil boy,” a resident younger than Johnson told The Gleaner. “I remember when we younger and ‘Bunwaist’ dig a hole in the community and bury couple dogs alive because him say they were making too much noise at his head. A wicked boy.”


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