Dominican Republic: Frank Elías Rainieri relies on investment to relaunch the economy

The businessman Frank Elías Rainieri declared yesterday his firm commitment to invest in productive means that generate jobs and new opportunities, relaunch tourism and help the recovery of the Dominican economy.

Rainieri spoke about these issues on investment and national development during the inauguration of the Bávaro City Center square, a day led by President Luis Abinader.

“I believe in my country, and I am convinced that if we all work hard and do the homework, Punta Cana will continue to be a beacon of light for our economy,” said Ranieri.

In this way, the BCW executive affirmed that with this provision in hand, it would be possible to “relaunch our nation’s tourism and help the recovery of the economy hand in hand with our president Luis Abinader.”

Meanwhile, the president of BCW Dominicana, Fred Oscar Imbert, was in charge of the words of gratitude, declaring that this company and its partners are proud to develop this work in favor of the sustainability of this community.


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