Suriname: No clarity yet about increased retail prices

“I spoke with importers and board members after the announcement from the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) about the unified course. It has been agreed that the prices in the shops may not be increased, ”says Raymond Hasnoe, chairman of the Association of Surinamese Shopkeepers (VSW) in conversation with Suriname Herald. The exchange rate for the US $ is now SRD 14.

According to Hasnoe, the importers do not use the rate of the government, but that of the black market. SRD 16 is used, but if they were to use the exchange rate of the CBvS, prices in the shops would have to go down.

Another point is that there is a scarcity of US $. “The impact of this must be explained. There is unification, explain to the people what will happen to the prices of goods. For now we cannot see the impact of the increased share price, but we can see in three to four weeks, ”explains Hasnoe.

The VSW chairman is concerned about the situation, because he does not know what course the Surinamese producers will take for the basic necessities of life. The government must come up with calculations and explain, he emphasizes. Hasnoe suspects that the government has no insight into matters, because otherwise it would have given an explanation. The government also has no insight into the black market.


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