Suriname: New Director of Culture wants peace and harmony among staff again

The new director of Culture, Roseline Daan, who has taken over from Elviera Sandie, first wants to work on peace and harmony within the directorate. The staff of this department has worked together under great tension for years. “It will not be possible to make policy without peace and harmony. We will first work on this and then together focus on Culture, ”notes the brand-new director in conversation with Suriname Herald.

The staff of this department, which falls under the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, was in consultation for twenty months. There was even talk of two camps and divisions among the staff. A large part of the employees could not get through with the previous director, because of her attitude towards the staff.

“If there is no peace within an organization, good policy cannot be worked on. I strive for good policy. I want to work on a number of cultural issues with the staff, ”notes Daan. The Culture Directorate has more than three hundred employees.

Culture will be brought back to what it was 40 years ago. Culture does not only consist of song and dance, but more than that. Bringing back values ​​and norms and respect to each other are very important in these times. The religions and different ways of life of the citizens of this country are also important. Furthermore, each other’s equality must be recognized and it must be examined how culture can be imparted to young people. Bringing back the respect is also necessary.


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