Jamaica: ‘Go Look Fi Criminal. Party Affi Keep’ – Seaview Cries Foul As Cops Arrest 23 After Being Attacked At Event

Residents of Seaview Gardens in St Andrew are up in arms over the manner in which they say the police went about bringing an end to a party during curfew hours there on Wednesday night. They also blame the cops for a resulting attack in which at least one officer was injured.

Reports are that about 10:30 p.m., more than two hours after the nightly curfew to curtail the spread of the coronavirus had begun, lawmen were on an operation in the area when patrons were seen at a party at a premises. They initially complied with instructions to go home, but when the cops returned to the location at about 11:30, they had returned.

The Glean er was told that when the patrons were instructed to leave, they resisted and started arguing with the cops, telling them to “go look for criminals. Party affi keep”.

Irate at the lawmen’s insistence to wrap up the event, which police said did not have a permit, things escalated with one female patron allegedly attacking a woman sergeant, ripping her uniform.


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